Specifications Overview


L: 240.5 W: 19.75 H: 13.25


60 lbs


up to 550lbs

Cockpit dimension

33 x 16.5 inches.



For the kayak racing fan, we bring you this one-of-a-kind showpiece that will win you the race and get you noticed. Designed to be fast, graceful and look beautiful, this kayak took over 500 hours to construct. Hand joined cedar planks coated with fiberglass resin ensure that it is both durable and incredibly strong.

The design is intuitive as it tracks fast with barely any wind resistance. The cockpit sits low enough to provide optimal stability while still being large enough to comfortably accommodate a racer’s legs.

Keep race pace while exceling in all areas in this amazing handmade kayak. Generations of boat building know-how and woodworking skill certainly cannot be wrong.