What are your canoes and kayaks made of?
Made from only the highest quality western red cedar, our water craft are then coated both inside and out in an incredibly durable American made fiberglass and epoxy resin.

You mentioned that you use fiberglass in your boats, so what is the difference between your boats and fiberglass boats?
We only use 1 or 2 clear thin layers of fiberglass coating on top of the wood for reinforcement and added integrity. You never see any fiberglass, only beautiful, hand joined red cedar.

What is a typical cedar strip canoe or kayak weight?
A 15’ kayak weighs approximately 45lbs, making it very easy for one person to carry. A 16’ canoe weighs about 48lbs.

What type of boats do you build?
Our wooden strip canoes and kayaks are hugely popular for touring and recreational purpose. We also build wooden dinghies, wooden sail boats, classic wooden runabouts and speedboats. Additionally, we can custom-build any design with which you supply us.

What method you use to build the canoe?
Focused on integrating traditional technique with modern design, all boats are built by hand, taking generally hundreds of man hours to create.

How do I order?
Please contact us at (877) 88 boats for more information.

How long it takes to order?
While we do carry some boats in stock (these can be shipped to you within a week), new or custom products generally take 2-3 months as everything we sell is 100% hand crafted.

How do you ship it? 
We can ship via trucking company very safely. We also insure all freight so in the very rare case that a shipment is damaged during transit, we will take care of the details and immediately replace the item for you. We also have distributors all over the world, so please contact us to find out more information.

How to become a distributor of your products?
We welcome qualified dealers and distributors all over the world. Please contact us today at: (877) 88 boats or email us: info@woodenboatusa.com for more information.

Owner Care
With a little bit of care and maintenance, your beautiful canoe can last for generations. While our products are certainly durable and solid, they still require the right type of care and handling to ensure that they perform optimally.

– It is recommended that you rinse your canoe off with fresh clean water after every use.
– Upon returning from the trip, allow your canoe to air-dry in the shade

Besides taking care of your canoe, storage also plays a very important role in maintaining your canoe’s appearance and beauty.

– Always store your wooden canoe in shade
– Turn it upside down on the support thereby keeping it off the ground
– Hanging your boat from the rafters in your garage or shop would be ideal storage

Minor scratches can be easily repaired by marine spar vanish or some brand of automobile wax. Smooth the damaged area with sand paper, wipe clean, then apply marine spar vanish.  

Wooden Boat USA strongly recommends that a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is worn whenever paddling