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What could make our truly unique handcrafted wooden boats even better – hand painted stripes that add a pop of color and a classy elegance to the vessel. This 15’ kayak with custom stripes is truly a piece to behold. Not to mention, the way that it gracefully glides through the water will make you never want to leave the peace and tranquility of the river, lake or stream. Generations of boat builders certainly knew what they were doing, and we pride ourselves on adopting those same old world values in every single product we sell. The lines, the care taken as each cedar and hardwood strip is hand joined and then coated with an incredibly durable fiberglass epoxy is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You will instantly fall in love with this kayak. This 15 kayak (177″) has the following measurements: * Bow Height: 10 inches; * Mid Height: 9.5 inches; * Stern Height: 13.5 inches; * Cockpit dimension: 31.5 x 17.75 inches. * Weight: 45lbs. * Capacity: 500 lbs Features – Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar and hardwood hull – Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood – Come with a show graded set of wooden paddles.

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Weight 41.8 lbs
Dimensions 177 × 24 × 13.5 in