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Sampan, also known as thuyen ba la tam ban, is a type of small wooden boat or skiff. First invented in Han Dynasty China, these beautiful boats soon appeared in the waters of Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The word “sam pan” in Chinese means “three boards”, but sampan today may be made with more.

Our display-only version features seven boards made of star wood or Merawan hardwood, a local fine wood similar to golden oak. Assembled around a skeleton wood frame, it’s then smoothly sanded, painted in teal color, and varnished. This model also comes in red.

* Intended for display only
* Made of star wood, or Merawan hard wood
* Dimensions: 127L x 36.25W x 22H inches
* Weight: 113.5 lbs
* Teal color
* Also available in red (Item K207R)

Weight 113.5 lbs
Dimensions 127 × 26.25 × 22 in