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The lifeboat from the RMS Titanic stands as a solemn reminder of one of the most tragic maritime disasters in modern history. Lifeboat 7, a starboard wooden vessel, was the first to be lowered from the sinking Titanic. Despite having a capacity of 65 people, it departed with only 28 individuals on board, leaving 37 seats vacant. Many women and children hesitated to board the small wooden lifeboat, preferring to remain on the massive ‘unsinkable’ but ill-fated Titanic.

Crafted meticulously by hand, this 15-feet long replica of the Titanic lifeboat showcases the artistry of clinker built construction. The overlapping hull planks not only reinforce its structure but also lend it a striking aesthetic appeal. We have employed the finest materials, including western red cedar, yellow cedar, and mahogany, to ensure its exceptional quality. Elaborate details adorn this replica, such as wooden paddles, footings, thwarts, braces, ropes, flotation devices, rudder, tiller, lifelines, and more. The stern and front bow proudly bear the White Star Line flag and the iconic SS Titanic painting.

* Weight: 450 Lbs

* Come with 4 Wooden long oars

Please note that this boat may not be readily available in our stock. Typically, it is a SPECIAL ORDER item, which means that upon placing your order, it will take approximately 60-90 days for us to construct and ship it to you.

For a captivating video showcasing this remarkable boat, please click HERE.

Dimensions 180 × 54 × 24 in