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The RMS Titanic’s lifeboat model will surely bring back the memory of the most tragic sea disasters in modern history. Lifeboat 7 was a wooden starboard lifeboat and the first one to be lowered from the sinking Titanic. Although there was a capacity of 65 people, it left with only 28 people on board, thus with 37 empty seats. The reason why was that many women and children were reluctant to enter a small wooden lifeboat and preferred to stay on the massive ’unsinkable’, but sinking, Titanic. This 15-feet long Titanic lifeboat is beautifully hand built from scratch using ’plank on frame’ construction method using the highest grade of western red cedar. It features intricate details such as wooden paddles, footings, thwarts, braces, ropes, flotation devices, rudder, tiller, lifelines, and much more. The model comes with a detachable wood stand and high precision laser engraved nameplate of Liverpool with White Star Line flag and SS Titanic name on the model stern and front bow. Bring home this iconic lifeboat with a history that still echoes in our minds today. A must-have for any collector or enthusiast’s home! Important Note: Please be aware that this boat is a SPECIAL ORDER item which means right after you have placed the order, it will take about 60-90 days for us to build and ship it to you. Click HERE for a video of this boat

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Dimensions 180 × 54 × 24 in