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With centuries of history and tradition behind it, this dinghy is especially made with an eye on recreating the past while using the best materials available today. We believe in the traditions of the boat makers of old, and we apply those to all of our watercraft so that we can offer you an experience like no other.

Hand joined strips of cedar come together as though effortlessly and are then coated with a special resin that increases the boat’s strength and durability.

Truly, at least 600-800 hours have been invested in the creation of this watercraft. We leave nothing to chance and perfection is the only option we allow.

* Length : 17 feet
* Beam: 53.5 inches
* Bow depth: 33 inches.
* Mid Height: 20 inches
* Transom DIM: 28.5 H x 30 W.
* Max Horse Power: 30
* Weight: 225lbs
* Capacity: 4 or more people

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 204 × 53.5 × 25.8 in