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Whitehall rowboats are considered one of the most refined rowboats of the 19th century. They were first made in the U.S. at the foot of Whitehall Street in New York City to be used to ferry goods, services, and sailors on and off the boats coming into New York Harbor.

With centuries of history and tradition behind it, this Whitehall dinghy is specially built using a clinker method where the edges of hull planks overlap each other. This technique developed in northern Europe and was successfully used by the Anglo-Saxons, Frisians, Scandinavians, and typical for the Hanseatic cog. We aim at recreating the past while using the best materials and technology available today to offer you an experience like no other.

Truly, at least 600-700 hours have been invested in the creation of this watercraft. We leave nothing to chance as perfection is the only option we allow.


* Dim: 12 feet Length x 41 Inches Width x 27.5 Inches Height
* 4 wood paddles
* 4 oarlocks
* Weight: 150 lbs
* Capacity: 4 adults
* Beech gunwale
* Whitepine, western red cedar and hard wood construction

Important Note: Please be aware that this Whitehall rowboat is a SPECIAL ORDER item which means right after you have placed the order, it will take about 30-60 days for us to built and ship it to you.

Weight 177.45 lbs
Dimensions 147.5 × 41 × 27.5 in