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Display a true piece of history. This 6 foot canoe is made with meticulous attention to detail and using age-old techniques that result in stunning beauty.

Admire the ribs, glide your hand along the smooth glossy surface, and just breathe in the artisanal pride of this watercraft.

Having spent hours on its construction, a highly skilled and traditionally trained boat builder has brought out the true spirit of what a canoe really should be with this amazing piece.

– Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar and hardwood hull.
– Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood.
– Ribs make our canoe stronger and prettier.
– Paddle is included

* Mid Height: 7(inches)
* Bow Height: 15(inches).

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 70.5 × 20.25 × 15 in