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Red Display Canoe with Ribs Curved Bow 10 ft

The perfect little red canoe…Reminiscent of a simpler time with its bright color, straightforward lines and meticulous craftsmanship, this piece will be a stunner wherever you choose to display it.

With just as many man hours dedicated to its creation as all of our other boats, this piece is as impressive as the rest. Hand joined strips of top quality cedar are then coated in a fiberglass epoxy and finally painted in a vibrant red that is sure to make anyone smile.


Display Canoe 10 ft

Beautiful, elegant, with classic lines and rich deep wood tones, this 10’ canoe is perfect for displaying just about anywhere you’d like. For the water enthusiast, this will certainly stand as a showpiece.

Made exactly as all of our other watercraft, with hundreds of man hours invested in its design and execution, you will truly appreciate its craftsmanship as you behold this amazing piece.


Kayak Model

The true kayaking enthusiast will absolutely adore this one-of-a-kind model, built using the same techniques as our craftsman use on life-size versions. Hours upon hours have gone into its construction as they have simulated historical drawings and diagrams.

No detail is spared in these models. The rich cedar wood and even the cover and straps on the hatches make this model truly come alive.


Canoe Model

Embodying the spirit and history of canoe craftsmanship, these models, as our larger versions, are all custom made utilizing age-old techniques and traditions.

The richness of wood and sleekness of form replicate our life-size products. Proudly display your love of canoeing with this magnificent model.


Display Canoe with Ribs Matte 6

This is boat making at its absolute best. With this amazing display canoe, you can alter the face of just about any space.

Representing what is truly great about fine, custom boat building, the canoe offers a matte finish that imbues it with greater texture and richness.


Display Canoe with Ribs 6

Display a true piece of history. This 6 foot canoe is made with meticulous attention to detail and using age-old techniques that result in stunning beauty.

Admire the ribs, glide your hand along the smooth glossy surface, and just breathe in the artisanal pride of this watercraft.


Display Canoe with Ribs Curved Bow Matte 10 Ft

Same amazing handmade quality, but with a unique matte finish that adds extra depth and dimension to this particular canoe. A wonderful display piece, you will certainly admire the finish, the character of the Canadian red cedar and the attention to detail that went into making this boat.

A true testament to the history of boat building, this piece is one that you can proudly show to all of your friends and family.


Display Canoe with Ribs Curved Bow 10 ft

Here is where you see what handcrafted looks like. Here is where you see how carefully hand joined cedar strips encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy can create the ultimate water vessel. And here is where history comes alive in the details of the ribs, the hull and even the paddle.

A display piece extraordinaire, this canoe will perfectly complement any room, any staging area or anywhere else you can think of to place this artistic masterpiece.


Kayak Paddle

Moving you effortlessly through the water, this kayak paddle is certainly one-of-a-kind. Created from only the best real wood materials, we offer you simplicity, elegance and a durable product that will last as long as the wooden kayak it propels.

Using red cedar and mahogany and then hand sanding for hours on end, we have crafted a paddle that is most definitely the best in its class.


Set of 2 Canoe Paddles

Just as important as the craft in which you set sail, are the paddles that help guide you through the tranquil blue water. These are handcrafted and designed for optimal performance.

Each is composed of both red cedar and mahogany and the care taken with the finish ensures a smooth and strong end product that will surely enhance your boating experience.

Wooden Boat USA

Wooden Boat USA